Woolf Computing Solutions provides the following services that meet or exceed the expectations that exist in every small to medium sized business.

They include:

Security Solutions

Objective: Protect our customerís network, server, and workstation environments from viruses and unannounced intrusions from hackers.


1.We implement simple, cost-effective, and state of the art software and hardware solutions from manufacturers.

2.We use proven hardware and software configurations used to counter new threats created daily in the world.

Information Protection Solutions

Objective: Protect our customerís data and other information located on servers and workstations from loss and ensure a high degree of readiness exists to recover this information.

1.We implement highly effective data backup and off-site storage (procedures) with our customers.

2.We ensure an appropriate level of access exists to the different types of information stored on our customerís workstations and servers.

3.We show our customers how to play an active part in ensuring a high degree of readiness exists in maintaining their initial investment in technology.

Network, Server, and Workstation Services and Solutions

Objective: Provide solutions and services that our customers require whether or not there is existing technology staff on the premises.

1.We provide our customers with a clear indication on the types of technology and manufacturers that produce products that meet or exceed your requirements.

2.We provide end-to-end solutions and management guidelines to ensure our services provide maximum value long after we meet your objectives.

3.We work with other vendors that you hire to ensure that there is ďone teamĒ working for you to accomplish your specific goals.

4.We provide remote support to our customerís offices to maintain a virtual presence and respond quickly to their needs.

5.We provide remote service solutions that support you automatically and constantly.

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