About Us:

Woolf Computing Solutions, Inc. has been serving the needs of small to medium sized businesses for 12 years. In this time, our customers have realized the following benefits:

  • SECURITY: A secure network, server, and workstation office environment.

  • VALUE: Significantly low total cost of ownership.

  • TIME: The ability to focus all of their resources on running their business.

  • FLEXIBILITY: Always ready to leverage their existing technology investments to react to their unique business challenges and plans.

  • TRUST: We work with you to be successful because we believe that in turn will make us successful.

    Woolf Computing Solutions' Value Proposition

  • We exceed the expectations of our customers daily.

  • We listen to our customers first. We understand your business and provide world-class technology solutions and services.

    We look to make technology not just work for you but work hard for you. You are then free to deliver results that achieve your company’s goals.

    Real-world Scenarios You May Be Experiencing

    Our staff works closely with you in determining the best way to meet your expectations. We pride ourselves on the ability to work with small to medium sized businesses that are in one or more of these real-world business scenarios:

    1. Growing their company to increase market share or launching a new product/service.
    2. Maintaining market share in a highly competitive environment.
    3. Maintaining or reducing costs in a challenging economy.
    4. Looking to replace outdated equipment.
    5. Always seem to have nagging problems.
    6. Starting your business with the right amount of technology.

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